Our Missionaries

Michael & Sara Johnson

Michael and Sarah Johnson have been members of Wycliffe Bible Translators since 2003. They work in support roles at Ukarumpa, a mission center in the highlands of Papua New Guinea - Michael as as high school teacher at Ukarumpa International School Secondary Campus and Sarah as an LAD assistant at the Primary Campus (Elementary) as well as other support roles. Michael was raised in Kingsburg, California and graduated from Fresno Pacific University where he met Sarah who was raised in Cameroun and Kenya as a Wycliffe missionary kid. They have three children: Isaac, Alina, and Hannah. 

Rick & Michelle Alonzo

An artist and evangelist, Rick Alonzo has devoted his life to God's service for over 20 years. Rick's unique and inspiring presentations feature him painting pictures that symbolize Christ's love. Set to contemporary music, Rick incorporates martial arts and gymnastics to demonstrate the power and grace inherent in God's word.

Rick resides in Central California with his wife, Michelle, and sons Gideon, Jaron, and Jude.  Their daughter is now married. 

He presently serves as the president of Rick Alonzo Ministries, a nonprofit organization committed to evangelism utilizing the arts. In his spare time, he volunteers teaching art and self-defense to children. In 2020 Rick will be sharing the Gospel at the Olympics. 

Eric & Holly Belz

. Eric serves with ReachGlobal (EFCA Mission) on the Global Training Team, offering biblical training to indigenous pastors throughout East Africa. He regularly trains and coaches groups in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya, and is establishing partnerships with pastors in many other locations as well. Eric also equips US pastors by developing, empowering and releasing them so they can train communities of pastors globally.

He is married to Holly and they have three children. 

Mike & Janet Davis

Mike serves as EFCA ReachGlobal Europe West Area Leader. He oversees the work of City Teams in West Europe and the team in Montreal, Canada - that’s 13 teams in all. Mike’s time is largely dedicated to coaching the City Team Leaders, recruiting a new generation of missionaries, and expansion of ministry and ministry locations. Please contact Mike if you have a desire to serve short or long term in Europe.

You can keep up to date about the Davis family by following their blog: http://davisfamilyblog1.blogspot.com and becoming friends with Mike on Facebook.