Bulletin 4/2/23

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    .Pastor Malcolm will be sharing a Palm Sunday message from Matthew 21: 1-17

    Items needed: If you would like to purchase snack bar items, here's a list of suggested items...

    Granola Bars, Full size candy bars, , Donuts (to be brought day of games) Fruit; bananas, apples, oranges (to be brought day of games)

    Good Friday service on Friday, April 7 at 7 pm. Our service is called Tenebrae (ten-ah-bray, and is Latin for Shadows). We will have communion together and hear the story of Jesus' trial and crucifixion from the scriptures.

    Easter Sunrise Service at 6:15 am. at Jay and Lisa Kliewer's home.

    Resurrection Sunday service at 10 am

    There is a blood drive happening April 5th from 10:00am - 3:00pm at Lincoln Park in Selma in honor of Michael and Norene Martinez son, Jameson. Ask Michael and Norene about Jameson's story if you have not heard it.

    Ladies!  If you plan to attend the bridal shower for Makenzie Carlton on April 16th at 2 pm RSVP to Valerie by April 8th.

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    If you would like to receive weekly announcement emails... email Tama at office@theorchard-efca.org

    Thank you to  Caroline for sponsoring the altar flowers.

  • Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Events...

    Apr. 5th NO Wednesday night dinner / prayer / women's bible study

    Apr. 7th 7:00pm Good Friday Service

    Apr. 9th 6:15am Sunrise Service

    Apr.16th @ 2:00pm Bridal Shower for Makenzie

    Weekly Events...

    Tuesday’s: 5:30am - Men’s Bible Study with Jay Kliewer at Kady’s

    Wednesday’s: 5:45pm – Dinner / Prayer (Resumes Jan 11).

    Wednesday’s:  6:30pm - Women's Bible Study in conference room

    Thursday’s: 5:30am - Elders meeting

    Friday’s:  5:30am - Men’s Bible Study with Larry Esau at Kady’s

  • Order of Service

    • 9:45 Nursery open (Rm. 10/11 ages birth-4 yrs.)
    • 10:00 Call to Worship  
    • Greeting / Announcements:  
    • Scripture Reading: John 8: 31-43
    • Worship
    • Communion
    • Message: 
    • Join us for snacks in the fellowship hall