Our Denomination

The Evangelical Free church of America is more than a denomination it is an association of autonomous churches who voluntarily join together in a spiritual movement, committed to the good news about Jesus and His Kingdom.

We share a common commitment of following Jesus Christ as the Lord of our lives, our ministries, our families and our churches. He is the Head of the church which is His Body.

We do not desire to build merely a large human organization but instead to be involved in building the eternal Kingdom of God. We enjoy fellowship with Christian brothers and sisters of many backgrounds, cultures and nationalities who embrace the Lordship of Jesus Christ; the desire for holy living; and the commitment to be set free by Christ day by day.

The Evangelical Free Church of America is growing to include a beautiful mosaic of every generation and region of the United States, representing a variety of ethnic, racial and cultural peoples. Our churches comprise a graphic example of the Biblical principle of diversity with spiritual unity.

For more information about the EFCA, view the Statement of Faith or visit the website (www.efca.org).