Here at The Orchard we are dedicated to growing up our young people into mature Christian adults who are active in their faith and the life of the Church. Through discipleship, biblical teaching, Christian fellowship, and yes, with fun and exciting activities, we hope to raise up the next generation who are prepared and ready to step forward into church leadership, ministry, and missionary activity. Most importantly, we want to prepare them to share their faith and the gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ, to their peers and the other young people of this community.

We are offering Jr. High Youth Group know as IMPACT.  The Jr. High Youth Group is lead by Pastor Mike Rice. Tad & Amanda Horiuchi and Stephanie James are also helping. Imprint High School youth group starts September  2019. Jr. High will continue to meet on Wednesday nights at 6:30. The High School youth group is  led by Richard and Lavone Sawatzky. Pastor Mike will be helping the Sawatzkys. They will meet on Sunday nights at 5:30.